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How to Deliver GREAT Customer Service


Improve Your Customer Service,
Create more “WOW” responses from Customers, and
Learn How to Handle Complaints and Burnout
Better Than Ever Before

Essential Customer Service Skills

 Customer Service SeminarLearn how to create amazing customer service 

This module is the foundation for providing excellent customer service.

It includes a set of attitudes and habits essential for rendering exceptional customer service on a regular basis.

Specific techniques for dealing with customers in a way that exceeds expectations and builds rapport are demonstrated. 

  How to build trust in person and over the phone

  Making customers feel valuable

  How to make sure EVERY customer feels heard

  The 3 things that make great customer service a habit

  Turning complaints into profit

  5 techniques guaranteed to increase your telephone skill


Dealing With Complaints & Dissatisfaction

This customer service seminar includes a module that will teach you specific ways to interact with customers when they are dissatisfied. You’ll practice handling complaints in new ways in interactive role-playing exercises.

  How to respond to irate and upset customers

  How to keep your cool, even when they do not

  Dealing with angry customers

  Methods for turning complaints into useful feedback

 How to ask difficult questions without being invasive

  Ending every interaction on a positive note

  How to say no elegantly while maintaining rapport

  How to make them feel they’ve been treated fairly

  How to feel good while dealing with negative people


Bring This Customer Service Seminar To Your Organization 

This training is custom designed for your group.

Exercises, handouts, and role-playing are included.

A complimentary phone consultation is included to help your 
trainer learn how best to custom design the curriculum for your


Create a Better Service Culture at Your Company

Customer Service SeminarCreate a company environment that thrives on providing outstanding service. 

Learn multiple ways to make the culture at your organization exude a higher and better level of service. 

This is one of the most powerful modules of this customer service seminar as it leads to lasting change. 

 Set policies that make better service easier

  Train managers to lead by example

  4 Ways to build a new atmosphere 

  Ways to hold people accountable for great service

  Raise the bar. Create new beliefs and expectations and values

  How to maintain and track high level customer service 


Stay Resilient & Avoid Burn-Out

One of the most important skills of a customer service professional is the ability to avoid burnout and stay resilient dealing with complaints all day long can be tiring and frustrating.

These resilience techniques will keep you positive in the face of negativity, and help you stay more energized and positive on a regular basis.

  The best stress management techniques

  Ways to deal with difficult customers

  Ways to stay resilient and positive

  Manage your self-talk effectively

  Renew yourself more effectively

  Turn short breaks into energy boosters


Maximizing Customer Service

Working with customers in certain ways can provide you with referrals, testimonials, additional sales and more!

This module will show you how to interact with your customers in such a way as to create loyalty, exceed expectations and maximize every interaction.

  Get customers to give you referrals

  Get customers to give glowing testimonials

  Get feedback to improve service quality

  Get customers to ‘champion’ your business

  Get customers to come back again

  How to create a loyal customer

  How to get customers to take surveys


Advanced Listening Skills

Learn ways to listen more powerfully than ever before.

This module includes special techniques for identifying your customers’ highest values and priorities and for using those insights to serve them better.

 Improve your worst listening habits

 1 belief that will make you a better listener

 Discover how to hear a person’s real issue,

 Know what is important to your customer

 How to avoid interrupting

 The art of backtracking for clarity

 Why being detail oriented is so helpful

 The 4 step ‘good listener’ technique

 How to know if you’re listening well

“Your work has been quite valuable to our investment bankers. We look forward to bringing you back for more training and consulting.”

George K. Baum & Company

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Both of these formats include all the handouts from our live training.
Assignments and action steps are also included.
The curriculum can be customized especially for you. 


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